We Teach You the Practical Skills You Need to Succeed as a Blogger

No gimmicks, no hype. Just simple, budget friendly strategies that work.  Which means you can finally start making real progress

Theo has over 20 years of experience in blog and website building, content creation, and affiliate marketing.  During that time, she has built and sold several 'authority' blogs, and since 2016 she's been teaching others to set up and grow their own blog.  

She also has an e-commerce business and utilizes blogging and written content to help fuel sales of products. 

"Content is everything because it allows us to build an audience and develop a profitable website. That's why we use content marketing, and a blog is a perfect vehicle for that.  And, it's so versatile. There's not much you can't market through content!"

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Budget Friendly

We know that when you're starting a new venture, funds can be tight.

The great thing about blogging is that it can be done successfully, on a small budget. Sure, some small costs are involved with setting up and running a blog, but most of the tools and software you will need are free. 

Practical Skills

Learn the crucial, real world skills you need to become a successful blogger.

There are millions of blogs that don't generate a cent in revenue, but yours does not have to be one of them!

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Get Results

We believe in the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 law), which states that 80% of our results come from just 20% of our actions.  

For that reason we focus on the stuff that matters.  The actions that produce the most with the least time spent, and the evergreen, time-tested strategies that get results.  

A Clear Road Map

Not sure where or how to start?

Cut through the confusion with a clear road map to follow. Learn exactly how and where to start, what to do, and in which order, by joining 22,000 other students in the step-by-step online training course.

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