Set up your blog from scratch and turn it into a successful venture without any prior knowledge or experience.

Do you prefer a structured, step-by-step learning environment, and one where you can also get your questions answered? 

'Blog for a Living' is a complete blogging blueprint consisting of 13 hours of on-demand video lessons. Access the training anywhere, any time.

Initially released in 2016, we are now on version 3, and to date, over 22,000 students worldwide have enrolled in the training.

What do you get as a student of Blog for a Living?

  • Complete A-Z training
  • 13 hours of 'bite sized' lessons with an average length of 7 minutes
  • Stream on demand and study at your own pace and in your own time
  • Searchable database of 1000+ questions and answers, or ask a new question and get a reply within 24 hours 
  • Access on mobile, desktop, and TV
  • Certificate of completion

What does a typical lesson
look like?  

Here's lesson number 43 from Level 1 of the training course. This lesson shows you how to start customizing your blog's layout, colors, and more:

How is the training structured?

The training is split into three main parts: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, combined into one comprehensive course. Watch the videos below to get an overview of what you will be learning and doing as you progress through each level.

A few of the 1000's of verified reviews

Love the step by step, over the shoulder format. I'm not totally unfamiliar to WordPress, but still appreciate the opportunity to take it all the way from step one with an experienced partner on my side. Would highly recommend to beginners and those who want some visual reinforcement! Excellent, easy to understand instructor!
Susan Hutson

This is a good start for anyone who is new to blogging, like me! The course answered a lot of question I had on how to start a blog. It has given me valuable information regarding how to maintain a blog, useful links on free materials I can use for the blog, plugins for SEO and hopefully, I'll be publishing blog posts from this week!
Rashid Karim

I have had my blog since September, 2019. The reason I am doing this course is because I need to increase my traffic and generate more email subscribers. This course is helping me to do both those things. I am very happy with what I am learning.
David Verney

For a total Word Press newbie, this was the kind of step-by-step instruction (with video demonstration) that I needed to get my website up and running and looking pretty good. I know I'll go back and refer to this course while I continue to add to and improve my website. Highly recommend this course to any Word Press beginner. Great content, great instructor!
Emilie Denmark

Very good course. From start to finish, from adding posts and pages; and selecting the right plugins. Plus, allot of insights to making your journey easy while creating the blog. No doubt, the author is an experienced, very knowledgeable teacher.
Orlando Torres

Great Course, Explains everything in details, Clear Explanation, Covers a lot of topics, if you want to get into the blogging business or have a blog and want to make money out of it, enroll into this course, it's a GEM! Thanks Theo.
Fahad Masood Reda

This course is very easy to follow. I loved the explanations and demonstrations provided by Theo. Also, we get access to a lot of other resources, otherwise not available elsewhere
Anuj Victor Hansdak

I'm only about 15% done with this course, but I've already learned so much! Definitely worth the time and money! I would highly recommend this course and instructor!
Roxy Neuenschwander