Using Medium to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Build an Audience

Getting Traffic from Medium

Do you want to get your posts in front of a ready-made audience? There are platforms out there whereby you can publish content for free and potentially reach many people interested in your articles. One of the biggest and best-known of these platforms is Medium. As long as your content provides value, it can reach 1000’s of readers and generate highly targeted traffic directly to your blog.

What is Medium?

Launched in 2012, Medium is a social publishing platform offering a diverse range of ideas, stories, and publications. Initially, it was a place for regular people, most of whom didn’t have a blog or website of their own, to publish content online. But now, more and more website owners are using Medium to drive traffic and build an audience.

Medium is all about the value of your ideas and content. It is not a space where celebrities and other big names dominate. Even if you’re only just getting going and don’t yet have a following, your Medium article or story can still get a ton of views.

Why Publish on Medium?

Content (even brilliant content) can get lost if it doesn’t get in front of the people who appreciate it.  It’s a challenge faced by almost every new blogger.  Even bloggers with a decent following on social media can find that their content is not getting as many views as they’d hoped. That’s where Medium comes in.

Medium is a place to write, read, and connect

Be Where Your Audience Is

Medium has more than 60 million active monthly readers. Popular topics include science, art, business, health, poetry, and self-improvement. But virtually any subject will have readers on Medium,

By publishing on Medium, you can become a part of the conversations already happening and find new ways to connect with the people interested in your subject. The key is to publish high-quality and thought-provoking content.

Extend Your Reach

Medium gives your content more opportunities for generating engagement. Publish content on your blog and then syndicate it to Medium to reach a wider audience.

And every piece of content published on Medium has in-built social sharing options, making it easy for users to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Medium has social sharing built in

On top of that, Medium has a strong presence in the search engines. Therefore, by publishing your content there, you can increase the chances of it getting discovered by users searching on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How to Get Traffic from Medium

It's easy to start publishing on Medium, but that doesn't mean your content will be popular—Medium rewards its contributors on the quality of their content. If you want to get noticed, you need to deliver high-quality content.

To drive traffic from Medium to your blog, you need a solid strategy. You can't just shoot from the hip.

Follow these tips:

1-Republish Your Blog Posts on Medium

Medium has a feature that allows you to import stories/articles. So, once you have created and published a post on your blog, you can import it to Medium.

Importing your content is quick and easy. After you’ve created an account on Medium, go to Stories and import. You can even import your old blog posts if you have any, provided you refine and update them where necessary. However, you can only import content that is yours, or you hold rights to.

All imported blog posts have a note at the end, with a link back to the original post.

2-Follow the Formatting Requirements

Great content can spread quickly on Medium. However, it's essential to pay attention to the appearance of your content. Medium has a minimalist design, so here are some formatting guidelines to follow for the best results.

  • Include sufficient white space since it's been proven to increase comprehension by 20%.
  • Add heading tags and bold and italics where required, but don't overdo it.
  • Consider using block and pull quotes for important messages and takeaways.
  • Insert a relevant image at the top of your post. Without it, users will only see text, which is less appealing.
  • You'll need to mention the estimated time needed to read the post. How long should your posts be? Anything from 3-minutes to 10-minutes reading time is ideal.

Medium's goal is to provide a fantastic reading experience to its users. Check out the "Beautiful Stories" section on Medium for live examples showcasing the many formatting possibilities on Medium

3-Comment on Other Articles

Posting comments on relevant articles is a great way to build your Medium following and ultimately drive more traffic to your blog. Ensure that your comments are insightful and add value to the article. Comments such as "Great post!" or "Very well written" do not help.

Comment on Medium articles

When your comments provide value, readers are encouraged to visit your profile, and some of those readers will follow you. As you continue to post new content, it will become visible to a larger and larger audience.

4-Drive More Traffic from Medium by Leveraging Social Media

Share your Medium articles to your social media accounts. Social media sharing can be especially beneficial for content that you have just released on Medium because articles that get a good amount of engagement in the first 24 hours stand a better chance of continuing to get engagement.

To Conclude

Whether you have a brand-new blog or a blog that’s already gaining traction and gathering a decent following, publishing on Medium can help take things to the next level.

To maximize your blog’s traffic from Medium, republish your existing posts and create fresh content directly on the platform.

 Success doesn’t happen overnight., but if you put in a consistent effort, you’ll see the rewards 🙂
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