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[Sticky] Popular Affiliate Programs for Beginners and How to Get Accepted

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Amazon Associates


Amazon's affiliate program. Only pays a small percentage of the customer's order value. Still, it can really add up, and here's why - When a user clicks through to Amazon from a link or a banner on your blog, you get paid on almost everything they purchase during that session.

(Currently, Amazon defines a session as 24 hours or when the customer places an order, whichever is first).

In some cases, it's possible to make a full-time income as an affiliate for Amazon, but most site owners use it to boost their income rather than as the only or primary source of income.




It's a network that brings together hundreds of different affiliate programs (1000's of products and services) in more than thirty categories. When you join ShareASale, you will be able to search through the different offers available.

The great thing about networks like ShareASale is getting all of your payments combined into one monthly payout no matter how many companies you are an affiliate for (within the network) 👍 


eBay Partner


Similar to the Amazon Associates program, but the percentage paid to the affiliate is lower than on Amazon. Still worth exploring, though!




Clickbank is a hugely successful affiliate network selling digital information products (mostly). A big advantage of Clickbank is the high payout rates of as much as 50%-75% of the order value. There are 1000's of products to choose from across multiple categories such as sports, home & garden, arts & entertainment, cooking, education, and many more. However, not all of the products are good. There are junk products on there too 🙄  

Unlike most affiliate programs, joining Clickbank is as easy as entering a few details and clicking submit. You don't even need to provide your website URL.




A network for software. Affiliate commission rates vary from offer to offer, but they are pretty high (25%+). Examples of available products include Quickbooks and Todoist. You can see the complete list here:  https://market.partnerstack.com/


Etsy Affiliate


As with Amazon and eBay, affiliates are only paid a small percentage of the sale. With Etsy, it's 4%. However, it can still be worth it because many items on Etsy have high demand and a high price tag!


How to Get Accepted

All of the above affiliate programs and networks will accept beginners, but there are still some things to be aware of when applying. Except for Clickbank, applications are subject to a few requirements, such as having an authentic website. 

The companies that add their products to networks like ShareASale, for example, have their own individual criteria for accepting or rejecting an affiliate application. This means that even though you get accepted into the network, you may not get accepted as an affiliate for every product you want to promote. 

You will increase your chances by doing the following:

Make sure your blog is ready. It should look authentic, have original content (at least 5 posts/pages), have the Privacy and T&C pages in place, and have a Contact page. It should not have any 404 (page does not exist) pages on it, no broken links, etc.

Always answer every question as truthfully as you can. If you are asked to choose an option to indicate how much traffic your website gets, select the one that applies and don't exaggerate it. Keep in mind that they do accept beginners.

There might be a question relating to how you intend to promote the affiliate products (email, social media, content, etc.). You have a blog; therefore, the answer should be content.

Check that any contact details requested (email, phone, address, etc.) are entered correctly.  

And that's it! You might get accepted almost immediately, or it might take a few days 🙂 

Posted : July 19, 2021 11:55 am