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Hi Theo,  

I hope all is well with you.

Some time ago, I mentioned that I had a new blog idea which was Quote Art.  This is quotes, with professionally designed fonts and design, set against the background of some of my art.

My question is, I know the Google algorithm favours longer blog posts, however I am considering two options:

1) Post the quote art piece, which will just be a photo of the piece, with a heading.  I'm interested to see if this would actually work and would attract traffic.  People love quotes, and my quotes are unique, as it's quote art, with beautiful art in the background.

My question is, would this very short blog post be enough to get Google to drive traffic to the site, or will it be too short?  

It's a given that I would have good SEO practices (keyword searches and using Rank Math, to ensure good SEO, etc) if a little limited, as the blog post is just a photo with a heading.

To generate more income,  I could even have a shop, offering digital downloads for customers to print onto posters, or even Print On Demand Canvas (I prefer the digital route, less customer services to deal with!)

2)  Post the quote art piece, as above (1), however include a longer written blog post, discussing the theme of the quotation.  For example if I were to have a Quote Art piece with the insanity quote by Einstein, the blog post would be all about what the quote means, and would go into further details about change, how to change and so on - a full and useful article, offering good advice and practical action steps for the reader.

Again I would ensure good SEO, etc.


So, what are your thoughts, should I go for the short version, or the longer one?   Or, I could have a mix of the two of course.  

Many thanks for your help.  Love the new lessons in the course, thank you for that. 🙂


Warm wishes,


Posted : March 19, 2023 3:35 pm