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I know that some of you will be very familiar with this type of forum, but I've written out some instructions for those of you who need them.  They cover most of the things you need to know, such as how to add images in posts, how to create a poll, how to send a private message, etc...

If you encounter any issues with this forum, or if there's something you cannot find, navigate to Forum Feedback and create a post 😏 



Receiving forum emails:

We work hard to make sure that emails go into your inbox, but there are times when system-generated emails might end up in your junk/spam folder. These are the emails that we send when you first register on the forum, subscribe to a topic, change your password, etc. If these emails go to your junk folder, you can whitelist them by opening an email and looking for the option that says 'not junk' or wording similar to that. If you do this once, all future emails from the forum should go directly to your inbox.



Viewing Posts:

The forum is divided into sub-forums and each sub-forum consists of Topics.
To view the latest posts, go to 'Recent Posts' on the menu.
To search the forum use the search icon.



Creating a New Topic:

Click on the title of the sub-forum and then click on 'Add Topic'.


Enter a title for the topic and select a prefix (Question, Suggestion, Knowledge, List, or Poll). If you don't think your topic fits with one of the prefixes, you can skip that part.

Use the editor to add lists, bold, italics, etc.

Add images by clicking on 'My Media' or 'Attach Files.' To add images, you will need to have one previous post on this forum. It could be a reply to an existing topic or a new one that you create yourself.

NOTE - when you are creating a post, any images you add will look very small. But, when you publish the post, the images will be a normal size. 😀 


Add a link by selecting the text and clicking on the paperclip icon. To add links, you will need to have two previous posts on this forum. Again, it could be a reply to an existing topic or a new one that you create yourself. These measures are in place to help prevent a member from joining for the sole purpose of spamming the forum.


Optionally add up to five tags. Tags are search terms that help other forum users to find your post. For example, if you've created a topic to ask about the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, you could add the tags: plugin, WordPress, SEO, Yoast.

When you've finished creating the topic, scroll down and click on 'Add Topic.'



Creating a Poll:

Click on the title of the sub-forum where you want to create the poll and then click 'Add Topic'.

Scroll down and click on 'Create Poll'.


Enter the question and the options and set the length of time you want the poll to stay open.


Click 'Add Topic' and your poll will be published.



Replying to a Topic:

Click on the topic title to open it and scroll down to leave a reply. Create your reply and click on 'Add Reply'.

To quote some words or sentences of a post, select the text you want to quote and then click the quote icon as shown in the image below.



Subscribing to a topic:

When you subscribe to a topic you will be notified by email whenever a new reply is added. You can subscribe to topics started by you or another forum member.


Tagging other members:

You can tag another forum member by using the @ sign and their forum name.  For example, typing @simon21 will notify simon21 that he has been mentioned in a thread. 

Important: Tagging should only be used when replying to, or commenting on a post made by the member you are tagging. Otherwise, it's rude 👍 


Sending and Receiving Private Messages:

Once you have created five posts on the forum (this could be new topics that you start or replies to existing topics), you will have the ability to send private messages to other members. Private messages can only be viewed by you and the person you are corresponding with.

There are a few different ways to send a private message. You can click the mail icon below the member's avatar, or you can visit a member's profile page and click on 'Send a Message .' Alternatively, you can go to your own profile page, select 'Messages' and click the hamburger menu icon to add a new conversation.


To view private messages in your inbox, go to your Profile and click on the mail icon.

You can hide or delete conversations or remove members from conversations that you started.







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