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Question Using the Correct SEO Keywords

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Hi Theo,

My question is about SEO keywords.  Whilst I’m getting quite good SEO scores, I’m using Rank Math rather than Yoast - they are all green and over 80/100, I’m concerned that I’m not using the right keywords in the first place, to attract the right audience to my blog.

As you know, is an oracle and tarot card Readings blog, where the posts are mostly Readings on different subjects and themes.  My worry lies in Google attracting the right audience to my blog.

For example one post’s title is: “3 Things to Be Thankful For.”  Now if I use that as a long tail keyword, I’m sure people searching for being thankful will see it, but what about those people who would enjoy an Oracle Card reading on the subject, personalised to them, rather than just folks who are interested in the subject of being thankful and gratitude?  

Another example is a post about things your Spirit Guide wants to tell you, so the keywords "Spirit Guide" will attract folks who are interested in this subject, but it’s a Reading using the cards around this subject, so the keywords may not attract the right audience.

Will I have to put either Oracle Card or Tarot Card Reading in each of my titles to attract the right audience?  And if yes, won’t this make them long and probably boring?  What are you thoughts, I’m getting a little confused around this subject?  Maybe it just doesn't matter and I should use the post title or elements from the post title as the keywords for that post.  Many thanks.

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Topic starter Posted : November 4, 2021 7:11 pm
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Hi Deb, no, I don't recommend that you use the words like 'card reading' etc., in every post title.  It would appear unnatural, and I think it would probably harm SEO rather than help it. 

Keep in mind that not every post is going to rank.  Some will, but many won't.  Those that don't still have an essential purpose - they keep people on your blog for longer, and of course, if the posts are monetized, they can generate revenue!

Posted : November 5, 2021 8:23 am
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@theo Thank you Theo, much appreciated, the posts will definitely be monetised. In fact the next thing for me to do now is to apply to Amazon Affiliates, other affiliates programs and Adsense (or other companies like that). 

I was also thinking of selling digital planners (designed by me in Canva, I love Canva so much!  Lol) in my shop too, it would make sense to offer folks a way of planning for their lives, to take advantage of some of the Readings posts.  I think the Readings and planners would compliment each other quite well, also it opens up other affiliates programs and monetisation opportunities.  What do you think?

Warm wishes,


Topic starter Posted : November 5, 2021 11:00 am