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Knowledge What is AMP and should you use it?

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There was a question on the course Q&A board today about activating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

What exactly is AMP?  It's a simplified version of your site generated by Google and shown to people on mobile devices.  It makes your site page load faster on mobile for users on a slower Internet connection.  

Sounds good, but there are drawbacks.  AMP strips your blog pages right down to their simplest form. The pages will look different and some of the styling, features, and functions may not work, including advertising, email opt-in forms etc. Some high profile bloggers have reported that AMP caused them to lose mobile traffic, not gain it. 

And for those reasons, AMP has not been activated on this website.

So, while AMP can help to give your blog pages a boost in the mobile Google search results, it's something that needs careful consideration before activating.  If you do want to activate it you can do so with the free AMP plugin, but as you will understand when you read down the plugin page, it's a good idea to hire a developer 😳 

Topic starter Posted : July 15, 2021 9:11 am
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