Build a Successful Blog from Scratch without Any Prior Knowledge or Experience

Do you like learning in a structured, step-by-step environment? And, one where you can also get your questions answered? 

'Blogging for a Living' is a complete blogging blueprint consisting of 12.5 hours of on-demand, step-by-step video lessons. Access the training anywhere, any time, on any device. 

Initially released in 2016, we are now on version 3, and to date, over 22,000 students worldwide have enrolled in the training.

What do you get as a student of Blogging for a Living?

  • Complete A-Z training
  • 13 hours of 'bite sized' lessons with an average length of 7 minutes
  • Stream on demand and study at your own pace and in your own time
  • Searchable database of 800+ questions and answers, or ask a new question and get a reply within 24 hours 
  • Access on mobile, desktop, and TV
  • Certificate of completion

How is the Training Structured?

The training is split into three main parts: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, combined into one comprehensive course. 

This class has been amazing. Theo is a great instructor, easy to follow and understand. It's all new to me and I'm excited to finish and get my Blog going. Thank you so much Theo 🙂
Lynn Taylor

More than I expected very simple and easy to follow for beginners. There were some minor difference on some of the interface but that is understandable.
Marc Edizon

I highly recommend the course. I have never build a blog from scratch before. The course gave me just the right information how to achieve it. Theo is very knowledgable and her way of presenting the information is great. I had a couple of follow up questions during the course and she was very responsive to them. Thank you so much.
Antonia Varbanova

Really helpful. I had a blog before I take this course and I realized that I made a lot of mistakes because I didn't know what to do (and Youtube can't do everything). If I had taken this course shortly after starting my blog, I would have had better traffic and better subscribers lists quickly.

I have had my blog since September, 2019. The reason I am doing this course is because I need to increase my traffic and generate more email subscribers. This course is helping me to do both those things. I am very happy with what I am learning.
David Verney

The course was full of a lot of helpful info, especially if you're just starting out. Theo has a nice tone and she presents the topics well and explains them so that I can understand.
Kurt Smith

The pace of these lectures is perfect, as is the information and level of detailed explanation. Great step-by-step tutorials that can be followed along with as they are delivered by Theo. This really is a great course, thank you Theo.
Andrew Charles

This course is easy to understand and explains the subject with ease and simplicity. I never enjoy people talking fast and using words you have no idea what they are saying.
Cynthia Phillips

I was extremely skeptical upon signing up for this course. However, I had my very own, professional looking website up and running within the first day or two. I'd tried WordPress in the past, and I NEVER would have figured out all that Theo has taught me on my own. I'm only about 30% finished with the course and it has already paid for itself. In this course, you can really just focus on your content, while Theo takes you by the hand through everything that goes on behind the scenes. I've visited websites for much larger organizations that look and feel less professional than my own. I'm so glad I have lifetime access to these resources, and I would recommend this course to anyone who's got something to say without a platform to speak on.
Alicia Ryan

I have learnt so much from this course, through easy to follow and interesting lessons. I have had a small amount of previous experience in building a website and blog but it would have been far easier if I had found this course way back then. I feel very confident that I now have a great website and blog ready to go.
Hayley McConville

Very thorough course! I can't imagine what could possibly be left out. After learning through Blogging for a Living, I am now working on my own blog/website.
Bil Sadler

So far it's been very informative and at the same time advises you to manage your expectations rather than trying to tell you that you can be super successful in no time with little work... I enjoy the honesty.
Cathy Werry

So far, everything is clear and the tutor is taking things step by step, which is exactly what I was looking for 👍
Carla Farah

This is a great course! Theo did a great job at packing everything you need to know to start your blog the right way into this course. It is very comprehensive and the instructor touches on every aspect of building a blog: from choosing the right name for your blog to tweaking your posts to get more traffic and increasing the chances of monetizing your website. So overall this is the course you need if you want to start blogging: highly recommended!
Robert Ciliberti

For setting up a blog page this course is really big bang for your bucks. I first thought this was a writing course so i didn't use it for a while, until i needed a new website for my blogs. For that purpose it is a very practical and complete course.
Ozcan Ulusan

Because it is like do it your self learning and more over not country specific , Think abut the student of other country also . Very clear and small small step instruction which help every body to understand easily . More over work book and PDFs are very useful.
Guatam Lala

I have made my blogging site, because of this course. I learned here all about starting blogging to monetizing. she taught almost everything, one can afford at this price.
Sweta Jain

Really good simple steps to start thinking about blogs, really enjoy that it dosnt assume any prior knowledge. Clearly spoken lecturer and easy to understand.

Theo is direct and informative. She gets straight down to business with every little lesson. She shows EXACTLY how to do the things she is teaching about. There's no vagueness, she just tells you what to do and you do it, which is so great for a beginner blogger.
Robert McQueen