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Never underestimate the importance of images on your blog.  Images help to create a good first impression, but they are much more than that.  

Images are used for:

Breaking up the text in a post
Reinforcing a concept
Monetization (ads and banners)
Creating an impression
Increasing the average time a user spends on your blog
Increasing the click-through rate (CTR) on your posts

E-books, guides, and reports

This type of content is ideal for list building.  If you want your readers to subscribe to an email list, you need to give them something of real value.


In the world of blogging, audio is called podcasts, and podcasting can be a great way of connecting with your audienceOne straightforward way of doing this is to create an audio version of your blog posts. 


A blog that uses video instead of written posts is called a Vlog (video log).  But most blogs that use video use it as part of their content strategy, focusing on written content.      

Video can be educational, informative, or entertaining, but creating a video takes practice and some basic recording and editing equipment.  Not everyone has the means to do it, and not everyone wants to do it. The alternative is to use other people's videos, and fortunately, it's straightforward to embed YouTube videos in the posts or widget (content) areas on your blog. Whatever the subject of your blog, there will almost certainly be some highly relevant YouTube videos available for sharing and embedding.

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